Grow your business and personal brand with Marielle Legair 


Grow your business and personal brand with Marielle Legair 


  • Waking up to messages on LinkedIn from people asking to work with you
  • You attract high ticket clients with ease on LinkedIn
  • You know how to pitch yourself to leave people excited to work with you
  • You know the exact content to create for LinkedIn and get tons of engagement from it 
  • No longer unknown, wondering where your next opportunity or client is coming from


If you're ready to grow your business and brand but not yet ready to invest $3200 (£2500) 
in my 1:1 coaching programme, this self-paced programme is the perfect choice!

Whatever stage you're at in your business or career,  I want you to know and believe these opportunities are available to you. 

You don't have to be a celebrity or an influencer, you just need to know the right steps (using my magic scripts and templates) to follow to make this a reality.

This is the support and guidance you've been waiting for! 

One thing I've learned in my 
15 year international career 
is this...

"Your value does decrease based upon someone’s inability to see your worth.”

Contrary to popular belief, this is true in your business or career too. 

If someone doesn’t see your worth (or know you exist at all!) guess what?   

They won’t trust that you can help them and definitely won't buy from you.

Since we only get rewarded for visible work, it's your duty to make your value clear to see.

You may have been feeling stuck and overwhelmed until now... 

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way; the power lies in your hands.  

Sure you can spend hours posting on IG and Facebook three times a day as many of the "gurus" suggest. 

Unfortunately content alone won’t yield the results you need. Neither will relying solely on referrals.

It's not your fault if this has been your go-to strategy to date.  

It's noisy out there.

A solid strategy + a big dose of self belief and action is needed!  

Invited to speak at the prestigious Yale University

Want more high paying clients? 

Working hard and not seeing results? 

Scared of being visible online? I've been there.

I launched my online business in 2017 after spending over a decade advising leaders at some of the world's largest companies in London and New York.

Entrepreneurship was new to me so I made A LOT of mistakes, until I took massive action and invested over $50k in the support I so desperately needed. 

Since then my brand and business has grown. 

Global brands such as Microsoft, EY and Red Bull hire me. I've created a global community helping ambitious women like you become better known, to get clients using LinkedIn, speaking opportunities and featured in top tier media outlets such as Forbes and the BBC. 

But, it wasn't always this way...

This was me back in 2016 (not that long ago..!). 

I was living in Brooklyn hustling HARD as a freelancer trying to launch my business online, working 5am-10pm every day in my tiny apartment. 

Hosting webinars where only 10 people showed up.  

The struggle was real.    
I was exhausted, overwhelmed and fast running out of cash. Nothing seemed to be working. 

After going it alone for too long, I knew I needed support to learn the things I didn't know. 

I discovered the power of working with a coach. Someone a few steps ahead of me..

Since then, I've invested thousands to learn how to create a successful business, how to use LinkedIn the right way to unlock incredible opportunities on the platform, get faster results and help you do the same. 

There is a reason Gary Vaynerchuk says: "LinkedIn is gold right now!"

I invested $5,000 in a LinkedIn coach, so you don't have to discover how to use the platform the right way to unlock these golden opportunities. 

Opportunities like increased sales, clients lining up to work with you, paid to speak on stages and LinkedIn DM messages from strangers saying: “I’ve been looking for someone like you to help me!"


  • Irresistible Influence is a self-paced programme designed for you to create a profitable business and personal brand using LinkedIn. 
  • When you sign up on the same day of the webinar, you'll be sent these juicy bonuses that include: A free ticket to my online map out 2021 workshop on Wednesday, December 16 (value $297) *Paid in full only; LinkedIn connection message scripts - no-more struggling with what to say! (value $597); and media pitch templates used to get publicity in Forbes and BBC (value $997).
  • Created by PR and personal branding expert, international speaker and author, Marielle Legair, Irresistible Influence is a unique programme that combines personal development, business, personal branding and of course, community all in one. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take things to the next level, this programme will walk you through every step you need to grow your business and brand.
  • When it comes to helping women in business become known for their work, Marielle knows her stuff. Having spent over 15 years working at some of the world’s largest companies in London and New York, helping leaders and CEOs stand out online and in top tier media such as Forbes and the BBC. She is finally showing behind the scenes on the steps to follow. 
  • From helping you get out of your own head to put yourself out there, to how to create a client-attracting LinkedIn profile, a compelling pitch that sells you to clients and the media - it’s all covered. 
  • Using Marielle's Business and Personal Brand Success Path, you will have complete clarity on the stage you’re at now and the steps you need to take to grow your business and brand in 2020. Say goodbye to confusion! 

Here's the module-by module breakdown of how we're going to create more impact, influence and income.

Master the success mindset and habits needed to build your business and personal brand (even as an introvert!) 
Reach and engage with dream clients through powerful content that shows you understand them
Create a standout profile and get visible in a way that positions you as an expert in your field on LinkedIn
Find and get into consistent conversations with your dream clients in a non-salesy way on LinkedIn using my scripts! 
Get clarity on your story to position yourself as a thought leader and go-to expert online and in key media outlets.
Get featured in top media outlets such as Forbes and the BBC by telling your story in a compelling way!
Dorianne gets messages everyday from her Ideal clients on LinkedIn! 
"Working with Marielle to rebrand myself on LinkedIn was one of the best business decisions I've made this year. She truly knows the ins and outs of personal branding and I was able to go from appearing in 193 searches to over 530! I receive connection requests from my ideal client daily and I know it's a direct result of being clear on my message." 
- Dorianne, Career Coach
Jo is no longer afraid to be visible after using the mindset trainings to get visible! 
"Marielle helped me come up with ways to generate income, improve my mindset and overcome my fear of being visible. I'm ready to take more action right now! The guest experts on the programme were also a valuable addition."
- Jo, High Performance Coach
Angie is getting booked by global brands to do speaking gigs after being discovered on LinkedIn!
"Marielle’s help me position myself correctly in front of my ideal clients.
I'm now getting recognised by global brands for speaking gigs on LinkedIn!” 
- Angie, Career Coach 
You'll also receive the following additional support:
  • Access to videos & PDF workbooks inside a private members library

(Value: $1997)

  • Personal Brand and Business Success Path to follow step-by-step

(Value: $297)

(followed by 1 additional monthly payment of $715)
pay in full $1297/£997 
(save $133 by paying in full!)

More success stories! Want to be featured here next? 

“I’ve just got 2 paid clients! 
Each day I'm getting 3-5 LinkedIn invitations from my ideal client! I'm so so grateful for your help and coaching to get me this far. This year is going to be unbelievably successful - I cannot wait!!
- Helen, Career Coach
"Marielle helped me laser in on my message, taught me how to find journalists and how to pitch to them. This helped me land my first major feature in FORBES!!! I’ve already had new opportunities as a result of the Forbes feature from people in France and Spain!” 
- Jennifer, Author
"I felt overwhelmed juggling Instagram and LinkedIn before working with Marielle. She helped me explore ways to get visible, now I get clients through LinkedIn and have opened up lots of exciting opportunities. This wouldn't have happened without Marielle!"
- Beth, Confidence Coach

In a few short years 
I have....

  • Helped hundreds of women become better known and seen as a go-to expert
  • Mastered how to get clients and speaking gigs on LinkedIn without having to spend a dime on expensive FB advertising
  • Got my clients featured in top media outlets such as Forbes, BBC, Huffington Post and CNBC
  • Created a strong online brand (even as an introvert!). Now opportunities are presented to me rather than having to always chase
  • Been hired to speak at prestigious institutions and companies such as Microsoft, Red Bull, Yale University, Santander and New York Public Library and a high profile global conference in Germany this year! 
Hey lovely!

I’m really glad you’re here. In these uncertain times, I still believe powerful opportunities await you online. Based on what I’ve learnt in my 15 year international career and more recently as an entrepreneur helping women become better known - you'll only ever be rewarded for visible work.

Hiding, playing small and going it alone won't get you anywhere close to creating a thriving brand and business for yourself. That’s what inspired me to create this low cost course for you. 

It’s called Irresistible Influence to help you become better known while creating more impact, influence and income. I'll light the way, you'll take the steps using my extensive expertise.  

Together, we'll set you on the right path to help you find your direction and let go of overwhelm and confusion. It’s time to step in to your power as an ambitious women of influence. 

I’m here to support you as you take this exciting next step towards your dreams as you say YES to your success.

Ready? Let's get started!


PS: Email any questions here: 

Your 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

The strategies and tactics you'll discover inside of Irresistible Influence work. That's why I'm including a full 14-day money back guarantee.

You can go through the videos, 100% risk free.

If you do the work, complete the assignments, implement what you learn (simply send your proof!) and if you still don't see results, I'll happily issue a refund of your full investment.

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