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This Is For You If...

  • You want to BUILD YOUR BRAND and RECESSION PROOF your career or business 
  • You want to LEVERAGE LINKEDIN to create lucrative opportunities 
  • You’re ready to build your REPUTATION in your industry 
  • You want to get FEATURED IN MEDIA OUTLETS such as Forbes and the BBC 
  • You want to SAVE TIME & MONEY by learning from a 15 years + global expert
  • You have a BIG VISION and want guidance and support bringing it to life 
  • You want to access masterclasses from world leading PERSONAL BRANDING EXPERTS including Paul Carrick Brunson, Susie Moore, and CNBC reporter Courtney Connley
  • You want to be part of a goal-getting COMMUNITY of like-minded, ambitious women

It's Not What You Know, or Who You Know, It's Who Knows You! 

Hi! I'm Marielle. 

Enrollment is currently closed until January 2021. 

If you'd like to explore another way of working together email me at: 

I'm a global PR and Personal Branding Expert, International Speaker and Author. My superpower is helping ambitious women like you to stand confidently in your power to accelerate your success. 

Whether you're in a 9-to-5, a business owner or running a side hustle, you need a game plan to create the life and career you desire. 

Knowing how to create a competitive edge to promote yourself in such a crowded market is crucial. Hiding, playing small and going it alone out of fear won't get you anywhere fast. 

In my 15 year, international PR and personal branding career and more recently as an entrepreneur helping women become better known, I learned that you'll only ever be rewarded for visible work.

I'll be lighting the way, as you take the steps.
Join the waitlist for 2021. 


Want To Be My Next Success Case Study?

“Working with Marielle to rebrand myself on LinkedIn was one of the best strategic business decisions I've made this year. Marielle truly knows the ins and outs of personal branding and I was able to go from appearing in 193 searches on LinkedIn, to over 530! I receive connection requests from my ideal client daily and I know it's a direct result from being clear on my branding,” - Dorianne, Diversity Strategist and Career Coach

“Before working with Marielle. I wasn't using LinkedIn to grow my business - but knew my ideal clients were on there. Marielle has helped me get in front of my ideal clients and even get recognised by global brands for speaking gigs (including Burberry!) on LinkedIn,” - Angie, Career Coach

"Marielle has helped me land a HUGE feature in Forbes! As an author, this press coverage has opened up new business opportunities for me in France and Spain. I'm so excited for all that's to come. Thank you for the great work you do in support of women in business, Marielle!"
 - Jennifer, HR Professional and Author

"Marielle helped me to attract and connect with my ideal clients on LinkedIn. I like that she focuses purely on LinkedIn and PR – where so many others out there are just Instagram or Facebook focused. I am in conversations with more ideal clients who I would not have been otherwise and I now know how to position my story to the media. Marielle’s advice and expertise is invaluable and I know that the conversations and contacts I have made through following her processes will be ones that will bring me many future clients!”  - Alice, Stress Management Coach

“Marielle got me on the BBC not once, but twice in one week! It’s rare to find a publicist with her unique combination of PR, business development and market expertise. If you get the chance to work with her do it!”- Louise, CEO and Founder 

"Marielle helped me come up with ways to generate income, improve my mindset and overcome my fear of being visible. I'm definitely ready to take more action right now! The guest experts on the programme were also a valuable addition.”
- Jo, Corporate Professional 

In a Few Short Years I Have...

  • Helped hundreds of women - Become better known
  • Built a global community - Even as an introvert, I've got out of my way to get visible. Now opportunities are presented to me, rather than having to always chase them
  • Mastered LinkedIn - My clients secure lucrative international job opportunities, high-paying clients and paid speaking gigs organically on LinkedIn (without having to spend a dime on expensive FB advertising)
  • Been paid to speak - Prestigious institutions such as Microsoft, Red Bull, Yale University, New York University, Santander and New York Public Library book me. I've even been flown out to speak at a high profile global conference in Germany last year! 
  • Got clients top publicity - I've got my clients featured in top media outlets such as Forbes, Essence, BBC, CNBC and many more!

This is an online membership for ambitious women worldwide to discover how to build their personal brand to stand boldly and unapologetically in their power to accelerate their success.

The economic downturn has led to more competition than ever before, it's no longer enough to be good at what you do. Whether you're in a 9-to-5, working on your side hustle or running a business, you must recession-proof your future by strategically building your reputation.  Powerful opportunities await you, when people know you exist!

"95% of your success or failure in life is determined by the people you habitually associate..." 

Dr. McClelland, Harvard University.

How Do You Get Results? 

We breakdown the journey into six steps... 


Your habits will make or break you. We dive deep into what's keeping you stuck. We all have limiting beliefs but until you can unlock them, you'll never reach your full potential. You'll also have access to our resident mindset coach.


We are always selling our ideas, at work or in your business.
You need to know how to proactively pitch yourself to create opportunities for yourself. They will not just land in your lap. Quiet mouths do not get fed after all. 


How are you showing up? How do you feel about speaking in meetings or on stage? Love it or loathe it, speaking is a skill we all must master to become more influential. What does your online presence say about you? When I google you, what comes up? How are you leveraging LinkedIn to strategically position yourself with prospective employers or clients?  


Now is the time to package your brilliance. You must become your best salesperson. We'll be diving deep into your signature offer. Whether that's what you want to be known for in your job or what you plan to sell as a business owner, it needs to wow people. 


Your network is your net worth. None of us achieve success alone. Knowing how to network well and often to build your 'board of advisors', whether that be sponsors at work or coaches in your business, this is the fastest way to accelerate your success.


Ready to tell your story to a global audience? PR can do that! Knowing how to craft your media story will be a game-changer to you and your reputation.
World Class Guest Experts
Each month you'll receive training from my elite circle of influence 

Paul Carrick Brunson 

Learn from 'Oprah's coach' and LinkedIn Top Voice on what it really takes to create a million dollar business and personal brand

Susie Moore 

 Today Show-featured, Life and Confidence Coach, Susie will share how to become the most confident person you know to go after your dreams you desire!

Irene Moore 

Money Mindset and Business Coach, Irene will share the key skills and mindset shifts you need to run a sustainable business that offers true freedom and flexibility.

Courtney Connley 

Learn what it takes to create a strong compelling, media story for top tier media outlets from a CNBC journalist 

Donna & Cheryl Lee 

Imposter Syndrome, Confidence and NLP experts lead a powerful session on how to silence your inner critic and get unstuck

Karen Hartley  

If you ignore your feelings they will get your attention in other ways! Psychotherapist, Karen will be sharing how to work through any fears and anxiety during these times. 

Ken Okoroafor

 Having achieved financial independence aged 34, Ken is on a mission to help 10,000 people design and create a game plan for freedom this decade.

Alice Law

Stress Management & Performance Coach, Alice will be sharing how best to manage your energy  to create a harmonious career and home life for yourself.
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